‘Martin’ is the story of the Port Arthur Massacre shooter in the period leading up to the infamous day in Tasmania. The score is largely orchestral and aims to capture Martin’s growing distaste for and separation from the harsh world around him. The track ‘Stick To Your Guns’ was featured as a diegetic track (within the story world) on a radio in the film. It was intended to feel like something that one would hear on Australian radio at the time as well as subtly give insight into what Martin was probably feeling.


‘Doggy’ is about a man in an unstable emotional state due to his hidden hatred for his friend, his love for his friend’s son (who the friend is painfully apathetic towards), and most importantly his love for the mother of the child. The score combines elements of electronic and organic instruments to create a musical world that captures the main character’s attitudes to the people around him and these attitudes’ contrasting qualities.


‘Florence’ – A 28 piece orchestral work featuring 17 string players, 8 woodwind players, 2 horns and a harp.


‘Our Boy Tommy’ is an upcoming short film by Troy Baird about a young man living in a beach side town attempting to escape his angry alcoholic father. Here are two tracks from the film:



‘Pull’ – A film by Christopher Stollery. This part of the score highlights the relationship between two characters; a socially awkward man whose attempts to meet women on a night out don’t go as well as he’d hoped, and the pretty girl he was chasing with a well hidden desire to truly connect in the cold setting of Sydney nightlife. The tonal character of the trombone is juxtaposed with the piano to represent the differences between each character.


‘Beyond the Father’s Shadow’ – A film by Saba Vasefi about Edith Cowan. This Score was predominantly string based and deals with Edith Cowan’s struggle with her father’s hanging and her rise to becoming Australia’s first female parliamentarian.