Adam is an Australian composer, arranger, producer and performer. He studied guitar, euphonium and trombone from a young age playing in various ensembles around Sydney. He has a love and appreciation for almost all styles of music and through his untameable drive to discover and understand it in all its forms, has developed a creative palette that extends across the known spectrum of music; from Jazz to Orchestral, Rock to Electronic, Australian music to ‘world’ music, and of course from Country all the way to Western.

While studying music at University of Sydney from 2010-13, Adam was able to develop his understanding of music and sharpen his writing and playing skills. He was also afforded the opportunity to explore the world of film music, something he had been interested in since hearing the music of John Williams, Henry Mancini and Ennio Morricone in his childhood and teens. This led him to his studies at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in 2014 where under the masterful direction of Martin Armiger, Christopher Gordon, Kirke Godfrey and Geir Brillian he could further develop his skills in composition and production. He gained an understanding of how to create appropriate music for Film and TV and grew an ability to move audiences as per the filmmaker’s wishes.

Adam is capable of writing and producing music for films, television, radio, advertisements, games.